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    MARKET: 4458 York Rd
    FARM: 4493 York Rd
    Wed-Sat 10am - 6pm;
    Closed Sun-Tue

Farmers & Butchers

Homemade PiesThe experience of raising beef cattle makes sourcing the freshest and highest quality meats a natural extension of the None Such farming operation. With a full time staff of four meat cutters, the selection of fresh beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and pork products is continually being refreshed. Meats are offered without prior packaging, ensuring their freshness and allowing customers to choose the quantity that best suits their needs.

The star of our meat display is always the beef that is raised on our own farm. We purchase herds of very young Black Angus steers and raise them on 100% Non-GMO feed grown on the farm. Properly rationed corn and silage along with pasture and hay impart excellent flavor and texture to None Such raised Black Angus beef. Experienced meat cutters break down entire sides of beef and all of the meat is sold in the Market. Certain cuts are limited to only two per animal so calling ahead to reserve an order can be a good idea.